Two and four-stroke outboard service and repair, Kailua, Hawaii. Also service Evinrude E-tec.


Free estimates. Over 35 years experience in Hawaii. Factory trained. One-month warranty on all services (does not cover water in fuel, bad fuel or neglect).

  • Johnson/Evinrude/E-tec: Having a hard time finding Evinrude Etec service and repair? Look no further! By far one of my favorite motors, Etec outboards blow the 4-stroke competition out of the water with an unmatched power curve, massive torque, lighter weight, and with equivalent to better fuel economy. Have an Etec laying around unused? Let me know… I am always looking for these motors.
  • Nissan/Tohatsu: Falling on my list of my three favorite 4-stroke outboard manufactures, Tohatsu outboards are among the best. They are some of the lightest, easiest to maintain, excellent running, quiet, and extremely fuel efficient outboards out there. I work on their 2-stroke models as well. 
  • Yamaha: Full annual service available for all models, though I do not handle technical running problems on larger models. For larger models with running issues, I can direct you to other technicians who specialize in these repairs.
  • Parsun and other China made outboards: I will service and repair these outboards if you were unfortunate enough to make the mistake of acquiring one. These reversed engineered copies of Yamaha and Tohatsu outboards use parts that can be replaced, in several cases, with higher quality parts from the motors they copied. Service parts are generally clones of Yamaha and Tohatsu, as well as fuel and electrical components. Just remember there is a reason these outboards are cheaper to purchase… you get what you pay for!
  • Lehr outboards: I will service and repair these outboards, but due to availability of parts, some motors may beyond help. These outboards are reversed engineered Chinese copies of Yamaha outboards that have been converted to run on propane and labeled as made in USA (Um… no!). Many parts are identical to Yamaha parts, which can be used for service and repair, but the fuel system is where parts availability is an issue. 
  • Mercury/Mariner: Excellent outboards and are on my list of the top three manufactures. Forty horsepower and under are made by Tohatsu and parts are interchangeable. With their larger models, Mercury has streamlined ease of serviceability.  
  • Honda: Honda has the longest history in manufacturing 4-stroke outboards. Excellent quality and reliability. Honda completes my list of my three favorite 4-stroke outboard manufactures. 
  • Suzuki: I only service small model Suzuki outboards… 25 hp and under.
  • Tanaka: Few and far between, but they are still out there and I do repair these outboards.
  • British Seagull: I can keep you old, smoky, loud classic alive and well. 
U.S. Army rescue boat with Evinrude 40hp E-tec.

Annual service, Tune ups and troubleshooting,  Water pump replacement, carburetor overhauls, gear-case reseals, points/condenser adjust and replace (older models), annual service, oil change, valve adjustment, ignition troubleshooting, small engine rebuilds, etc.

Full computer diagnostics (applicable models)

I also do new engine installations and rigging.

I restore vintage outboards; They used to know how to build them right.

Used motor sales as they are available. I also purchase used outboards so give me a call if you have one.

2018 Evinrude E-tec 40hp military jet drive.